Imagine; you've decided to indulge yourself in a luxurious photoshoot that is just as unique as you are! An organic, artistic photoshoot experience, that we will flow through beautifully. An experience that will be influenced by the various lighting and materials we have to work with.  


We will begin your photoshoot chatting and relaxing as you sip on a glass of bubbles or warm drink. We already feel like we know each other after our telephone and email consultations. The planning has all been done and now it is time to enjoy! 


Once you are happy with your hair and makeup we will explore the different options of clothing and textures we will work with and I will give you an outline of how we will start and what I would like to do. 


We will begin the photoshoot with more structured and posed setups to help you find yourself and get into the flow of the shoots. This gives you the chance to ease into the experience and find that beautiful light from within. 


We will move, we will blow air, we will laugh and we will capture beautifully intimate portraits that you will be so proud of and cherish forever. 


Time will fly and you will be having more fun than you ever imagined, wondering to yourself, why you even felt so nervous in the first place. You will have found this woman inside who just let go, expressed her vulnerability, and let her beauty shine through!


You will leave the experience feeling different, feeling lighter and so elated. You will leave with a new sense of love and appreciation not only for your beautiful body but for the woman you are.  


You are so excited to see your gallery and all the beautiful images that are now yours. You don't feel nervous about how many photos there are and having to choose only a few, as the experience is all-inclusive and the entire gallery is yours! 


You get yourself comfy in your favorite chair and click on the link I have sent. You take a moment to scroll through a gallery full of various, organic and beautiful images of yourself. You see that light that you felt on the day, you see a sensual goddess who took the opportunity to celebrate and love herself.


And the images will remind you of her forever! 





Where is the shoot done?


- Where do you want it to be? This is your opportunity to really dream up where you would like your photos taken. This can range from your own home to a hotel suite, to a holiday home or Air BnB! The idea is that the location plays a role in the entire photoshoot experience.  I am currently based between Queenstown and Tauranga, however, I will travel if I am given enough notice and can make it work. I created this genre of photography to allow me the opportunity to travel a bit and create unique photography experiences for my clients in various locations. I will be working on various "retreats" in different locations, and I will keep this updated on my social media and emails. On the flip side, I don't want the location to worry you, as I can achieve so much with so little! The minimum I require is a window and a bed and to be honest, we don't even really need the bed! My home in Papamoa is available and included in the cost if you are not able to find a location. Often your own home is the most perfect location as it reflects you! It is also where you are most comfortable. 


Basically, if you're planning an amazing escape somewhere and want to add a gorgeous sexy photoshoot on, then get in touch!


* Please note that my photography package price does not include travel. This will be worked out after your pre-consultation


What is a pre-consultation?


- I offer a free, no-obligation, phone (or zoom) consultation once you get in touch. This is where we can really chat about what it is you are after and how we will achieve it! I will answer all of your questions and begin to design your photography experience. From there, I will come back to you with a summary of the experience and the costs involved. 


How much does it cost?


- I am not a salesperson and I am not here to sell to you. I am here to design and create a unique and beautiful experience that will result in gorgeous portraits that you will cherish forever. I have a set fee of $1500 for your experience. This includes your entire photoshoot plus ALL of the images we capture. I do charge travel on top of this unless it is part of a retreat or done in Queenstown or Tauranga. 


Do you offer hair and makeup?


-  Yes! I am a makeup artist and have done thousands of hair and makeups for my previous shoots, so I am able to assist with this! However, depending on where we are doing your photoshoot and the time frame, I may hire another makeup artist. Also, please note that this is not a "glamour" photoshoot. I want you to look like you and to recognize the gorgeous woman shining through the photos! I often find that the way in which we do our own makeup is usually the best for us! But we can talk through this during your pre-consultation. 


Will you help to pose me?


- 100% the whole way! This is my specialty and I will be directing you through the entire process! You will feel muscles you haven't felt before incredibly awkward in some of the poses, but I've got your back!


Can my partner join in for some photos?


- Absolutely! But please note, that I do not do nude couple images. These will be tasteful, intimate images with connection and love.


How do I prepare for the shoot?


- This is entirely up to you and what makes you feel confident. Some girls like to book a spray tan, others don't mind. As I mainly shoot black and white, it won't make a huge difference in the images, but I do appreciate the confidence a good spray tan can achieve! I do ask you to either arrive with your hair styled or if you are having your hair and makeup done, for your hair to be clean and dry and your skin to be cleansed and moisturized. You are welcome to arrive with your own foundation on too if you are more comfortable with that. 


Do you only shoot in Black and White?


- Predominately, yes! However, I shoot my images in "raw" which means they will be captured in color so if I do capture something that I just can't get past in color, I will give you both in your gallery! But when I am shooting the images and seeing them on my screen, they will be in black and white for me, so this is what I will go off. This gives us a lot more flexibility with styling and decor, as it doesn't really matter. Also, I love Black and White! It's what I love to shoot and ultimately my brand of imagery. Photography is an art and this is how my art looks, with you as the subject!


What should I wear?


- Nothing! Haha, jokes, although that is an option! Although, please note, that I do not shoot erotic images. I like to keep it simple! You are more than welcome to splash out on a new lingerie set, but in my experience, it's your partner's white shirt or loose fabric that works best! I love using sheets, fabrics, and textures. Another favorite is a high waist pair of black knickers! You will see these a bit in my gallery. Think of things like fur stoles or coats, a black blazer, cut-up jeans, or a pair of branded knickers! I want your images to be timeless and make you shine, not the outfit!


How long is the shoot?


- Generally, allow a half-day for this experience. We do not want to be rushed and I want to ensure we capture a range of images! But this will depend on the location and style of the shoot. 


How many images do I get?


- All of them! This will range from shoot to shoot but I aim for a minimum of 20 photos!


How long does it take to get my photos after the shoot?


- I aim for a 3-week turnaround from the day of your shoot! As I give you the entire gallery, I need time to go through the photos, edit them and then get your gallery uploaded! 


Are the photos edited?


- Yes, but not too much! I don't want to change you or make you into someone you are not, that's not real! But I also don't want to give you images that you don't love. I try to find a real balance with my editing, alleviating any obvious flaws which might distract you from the image, whilst maintaining your natural beauty! Once your gallery is uploaded I will give you a call and we will go through them together. If there is anything, in particular, you would like edited in any of the photos, I will then make those changes and re-load the gallery. 


Am I restricted in how I use the images?


- Nope! They are all yours and you can use them however you like!


Will my images be shared on social media or used on your website?


- Only with your permission! I will never post or use any of your images without asking. We will take a range of images where you won't see your face and often clients are ok with those, but it is completely up to you!


How will I get the images?


- I have a great online gallery that will allow you to select your photos and then download the final selection direct to any computer or devise. Your gallery will look similar to my boudoir gallery. I also keep all the images on file so there is no stress about losing them. If you are wanting prints, albums, or canvases, I can arrange these for you. Once you have your photos and an idea of what you are after, I will put together a quote before proceeding. I try to get you the best pricing on your prints and canvases, as I love seeing images displayed!


How much does it cost?


- My photography experience is $1500 (including GST) and includes your hair and makeup, photoshoot, and all your digital images! If you would like to order prints, albums and frames I can organize this for you at an additional cost.


How do I book?


- Just contact me and we will schedule your pre-consultation and start designing your unique boudoir experience!