For all your #bossbabes out there who need some updated images for content and marketing!


These photoshoots are done on location, relevant to your industry, or can also be added to your Boudoir photoshoot, killing two birds with one stone (and some of the tax).


I keep my branding shoots simple, organic, and clean. 


I will get you to fill out a questionnaire before your shoot so I know what you are trying to achieve with your images and then we will achieve it!


 This is a fun and simple shoot to get you some awesome content and keep your business moving forward!


Do you offer hair and makeup?


-  I am a makeup artist and have done thousands of hair and makeups for my previous shoots, so I am able to assist. However, I recommend sourcing your own hair and makeup before your shoot, or even just doing it yourself! I often find for these types of shoots, it's better to put your more "organic" self forward, so potential clients can relate to the images upon meeting you.


Where is the shoot done?


- This is up to you and the look you are wanting. It is also dependent on the industry you are in. The location is rather important as it needs to reflect you and your business correctly. It needs to be a beautiful space that will complement the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve for your brand. We can discuss this in further detail upon booking your photoshoot. 


How long is the shoot?


- This depends on how many people are involved and how many "looks" you are wanting. Shoots range from 1 hour to a whole day. Once you fill in my questionnaire upon booking, I will have a better idea of the time frame.


How many images do I get?


- My base fee (below) is $500 and this includes 10 images. I take a full gallery of images so you can purchase more at the same time, or come back later once you have used your first 10 and purchase more then. I am happy to accommodate where I can.


What should I wear?


- Once again, this comes down to the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve in the images, but generally, just wear what you usually would to work! Of course, we may play this up a bit and do something a bit more formal or glam. We can do a variety of looks ranging from natural and playful to more formal and structured. I will help you with the wardrobe and styling once I know what we are trying to achieve.  


How long does it take to get my photos after the shoot?


- A maximum of one week to get your initial gallery uploaded. From there, you will select the images you want to purchase. I will then have your final selection uploaded within ten days.


Are the photos edited?


- The first initial gallery I send through will be the raw images straight from the camera (unedited). Once you make your final selection of images you would like to purchase, I do a final edit. You are welcome to provide feedback on what you would like done, otherwise, I just ensure they are sharp, straight, and clean. I try to keep skin retouching and body-altering to a minimum, but that also comes down to your preferences!


Am I restricted in how I use the images?


- Nope! They are all yours and you can use them however you like!


How will I get the images?


- I have a great online gallery that will allow you to select your photos and then download the final selection direct to any computer or devise. I keep all images on file so there is no stress about losing them. 


What happens to all the other images I didn't purchase?


- I keep a copy of all the images on file. You are welcome to come back at a later stage and purchase more photos.


How much does it cost?


- My prices are below but my base rate is $500 for a one-hour shoot and 10 images. 


How do I book?


- Just contact me and we will schedule your photoshoot!





This is my base rate for a one-hour photoshoot, plus 10 images. 


Additional time is $50/hr


Additional images are $50 each


If you are requiring 30+ images, please contact me for a personalized quote suited to your project and budget. 


(Pricing is GST inclusive)