• Casey Littler

How to Prepare for your Photoshoot!

First and foremost, please don't think you need to get "all the things" done before your photoshoot! This is just a brief guide on things that you may like to do to help prepare you for your photo shoot, but you are perfect just the way you are!

I want your images to reflect the Goddess from within, and that can't be found in a spray tan bottle or starving yourself for days before the shoot! Who you are and the body you are in, is just perfect and I am here to help show that to you!

But I realise this is something you might only do once (or twice) in your life, so here are a few of my top tips for preparing for your photoshoot.


There is not need to go and book in for a full set of acrylics, but have a look at your nails and just ensure they are tidy and you are happy with them. I do incorporate your hands into a lot of the photos so bare that in mind. And in regards to colours, the brighter or darker the colour is, the darker it will be in the black and white image. So if you don't want your nails to be dark in the photos, opt for a more natural tone, or simply keep them natural!

Spray Tan

This is not essential, but I can appreciate that sometimes a bit of colour on our skin can really give us a boost of confidence. If you do decide to get a tan done (or do one at home), do it 2-3 days before your shoot so it has time to settle.

I shoot mainly in black and white so this really is more for your own confidence and feeling good in your won skin (literally).

Hair & Makeup

This will be determined but whether you have opted to have your hair and makeup done through me, or organise it yourself. I actually love how most woman do their own makeup on the daily, as it's more of a reflection of who you are. But who doesn't like to have a beautiful makeover!

If you are opting to have a professional do your hair and makeup, don't go to glam. My portraits aren't 80's glamour shots! I want them to be organic, and you! So keep it simple and relatable to you.

Hair must be out please! So a soft curl or natural wave is perfect! We will be using a hair dryer and running your fingers through it, so be prepared for a lot of hair "play"! I will also be touching it a lot and ensuring its just right, so be prepared for that too! ;)

I have as number of hair and makeup artists, so please let me know if you are worried about this element or need help at all! I am happy to assist! I am a makeup artist myself, so I can help with touch ups and soft curls if required.

Clothing (or lack of)

Have a look at my other blog "What to Wear" for some great examples of clothing and items that look great in a shoot!

Of course, if you have any questions, please reach out and ask! I want you to feel prepared and organised for this experience so you can truly enjoy it!

Casey xx