• Casey Littler

Jasmine Kroeze - Artist

Jasmine is an artist and textile designer based in Papamoa. I had the privilege of photographing her for an article in Habitat magazine. She is currently expecting baby number 2, so it was super interesting doing a lifestyle shoot with a pregnant belly, and not making it about the belly!

Throughout my 13 years of being a portrait photographer, whenever I had a pregnant Mamma in my studio, it would be ALL about the belly, haha! Not this time, this time it was all about her and her gorgeous work!

I absolutely adored this shoot, and I just love Jasmine's work! Her images evoke such a beautiful emotion; vibrant and bolt yet neutral and flowing. They are the type of pieces, in my opinion, that tie a space together. They are organic and unique and all tell a beautiful story.

"I’m a detail-obsessed, chocolate devouring plant killer. I love options and ideas, I'm an INFP and an Enneagram 9. A mess maker, negotiator and all about the grey-area kinda girl. I'm also a Mum, a wife and a bit of a softy.

My happy place is creating art. I work with both original artwork and digital media. Designs I have worked on have been printed on stationery, textiles, and installed in private homes, commercial interiors and large scale exterior murals."

I first met Jasmine when she reached out to me while I was staging homes and see if I would like to put one of her pieces into a property. I of course jumped at the opportunity! Her piece really just finished off the space!

Thank you Jasmine for allowing me the opportunity to capture you in your beautiful environment. You are so talented and I feel honoured to share your beautiful work!

You can follow Jasmine via Instagram or check out her website!

Casey xxx