• Casey Littler

Kate Sturmey - KS Massage Therapy

What a beautiful day this was! A quick little shoot to help Kate capture some fresh content for her new workshop she is creating to extend her services.

I absolutely loved this whole setup and the idea around it. Kate is creating a gorgeous "ceremony" for groups of friends, where you can either come to her own property, or she will come to you.

Where you all gather in nature, surround yourself with crystals and divine energy. You write letters to the universe, to yourself, take your negative energy, pain, the past, write it all down and then burn it. Releasing it all it to the universe (or who ever you believe in). You indulge in some healing, some meditation and some time to realign yourself!

At the end of the experience you feel lighter, freer and calmer. You then get to spend more time with your friends, sharing food and wine and discussing the experience together.

A beautiful experience lead by a beautiful woman.